You & your partner-in-dine can eat for $50 or less anywhere in Toronto

You know that feeling when one of your friends suggests you both dine at that bougie restaurant in the city but you know pay day isn't for another week? Girls With No Frills helps you shed that table tab anxiety. Founded on the belief of food strategy, GWNF will help you and your partner-in-dine eat for $50 or less (before tax and tip) at all the hottest spots in Toronto. We give you the palate freedom to try it all - on a budget.

For some restaurants it'll be easy, for others it'll be a challenge but we're up for it. With our rating system, you'll have the vicarious knowledge and preparation to assess how our choices net out.

the rating system

Unbutton Your Pants:

We got a lot for our buck, maybe even too much. We tried almost everything and chose well, almost everything. So skip lunch before choosing one of these places.

Skinny jeans:

Options aren't going to leave you burping and bloated like someone who's lactose intolerant but you definitely won't be hitting up a local McDonald's for a late night snack. This one's about being content and #balance.

the feed
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You're free to wear any restricting, sexy clothing you want because these spots definitely don't leave room for a lot of choices but will leave room in your dress. We suggest having a light snack before indulging in these choices...but hey, quality over quantity (sometimes).

the good stuff

Sharing our experience at Rasa, a place with lots of sharing plates!

Paper Crane

12975 Keele St. 


What’s Paper Crane Known For?

Paper cranes symbolize good fortune and longevity – but that’s not what attracted us to this restaurant. The sushi is extremely fresh – so fresh you can see the chefs making them right in fro...

Fet Zun

252 Dupont St. 


What’s Fet Zun Known For?

We gotta spread the word and tell you about our experience at Fet Zun! Fet Zun serves up Middle Eastern sharing dishes & signature cocktails.. We were a party of two so we may have over ordered - but...

St. Louis

Various locations


What’s St. Louis Known For?

Do we really need to tell you? They're the Tim Hortons of chicken wings! Delicious, consistent and readily available, St. Louis Bar and Grill has been the go-to destination for game days...

Dessert Lady

12 Cumberland St


Dessert Lady opened their doors back in 2005. Located in Yorkville they specialize not only in desserts but in tasty meals as well. Whether you need to get your BFF a last minute birthday cake (since you totally forgot) o...

Boku Noodle Bar

42 Gristmill Lane


We usually save cozy ramen and warm noodle house restaurants for the winter months, since our weather tends to dip hella low here in Toronto, but we couldn't resist visiting the lovely people at Boku Noodle house this...

King City Craft Beer and Food Truck Festival

This past weekend, we had the opportunity to hit up a more northern part of Toronto known as King City for their annual Craft Beer and Food Festival! Now, this wasn't just a little north, it was hella north but also tota...

Hawthorne Food & Drink

60 Richmond St E


Well the good weather is finally here - didn't think we'd ever get to say that this year, eh? Sun is shining, bird's are chirping, clouds are forming over Trinity Bellwoods park, and the line-up for that charc...


1050 Rutherford Rd, Maple

It's okay to break free from the $50 limit that holds you and your partner together (and accountable). Sometimes it's okay to spend $50 on just yourself - I know, crazy. But at Sorelle and Co. you can enjoy a boujee-ass, delicately-...

El Nahual

1993 Keele St


El Nahual is that low-key, straight-A student you knew in the eighth grade; the one who didn't brag and didn't care about validation but was awesome. Located in a small unit at Keele and Eglinton, this cozy spot implie...

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