We love to eat good food.

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Who are we?


We're two sisters from Toronto who are passionate about food and grew up enjoying quality food in Italy every summer. Food has been the essence of our childhood and has shaped our adult life. Our Sunday afternoons are typically spent in the kitchen, whipping up fresh pasta, making a tomato sauce from imported San Marzano tomatoes, and topping it all off with some of the most delicious, Calabrese olive oil. 


Our aim is to help guide your through Toronto's food scene, help you discover new restaurants, make memories with family and friends and of course, support small businesses.

Rating system

Our rating system focuses on how full you feel.

We rate restaurants based on how full you feel when dining on $50 tab, before tax and tip.

Unbutton Your Pants — very very full. The kind of full where the button on your pants digs into your stomach. For $50, you had many different dishes, there were generous portion sizes, and don't have room for dessert.

skinny jeans  you're full but not full full, you know? You might stop by Dairy Queen on your way home for an Oreo blizzard. You were able to try few dishes, not many though.

BODYCOn  you're not full. You're far from it, actually. You absolutely had the best ravioli in your life, but there were only four or five of them on your plate. McDonalds run on the way home?