Who are we?

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girls with no frills

[gurls] [with] [noh] [frils]

  • Italian sisters from Toronto who influence others to eat really good food, without breaking the bank

We are passionate about eating good food in Toronto. We want people to know what type of meal they are getting themselves into before being seated. Like is it a 2 ravioli on a plate type of vibe or eating until you physically can't eat anymore type of vibe? Let us help influence your decisions on where to eat next in Toronto. We don't only eat really good food, we also manage social media platforms for small businesses in Toronto; anything from graphic design, posting, photography, growth hacking, and logo design - we do it all! 

We've developed a rating scale for restaurants we visit that we hope you find useful. 

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Unbutton your Pants

You're more than full when you leave a restaurant with this rating. For $50, you had a lot of different dishes of generous portion sizes and don't have room for dessert

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This rating made you full, but you will probably still have room for a late night treat before heading home. You were able to sample few dishes, not many though

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This is one of those ratings where you probably had the best ravioli of your life - but there was only 4 of them on your plate. McDonalds on the way home?