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about us
Who are we?

Do people really read these? I mean, we kinda hope you're not because we'd rather you be reading the content that we've slaved over. And when we say “slaved over" we mean we mildly labored over our posts without actually getting too stressed - after all, we are still dramatic millennials and shit.


Guess we'll give you the quick rundown here: we're 26 year old women who love to eat more than our salaries allow. We work in media and advertising so, a big part of our job includes free meals, flashy perks, and low pay. Every time we'd get back to the office after a meal that was too expensive to replicate ourselves, we'd count our blessings. But then, we started counting cents and dollars and realized that if we actually dined at these places on our lunch hour, it would cost well over an hour’s worth of pay. We started weeding out the likes and the didn't-likes but we felt like every other Toronto food blog.


We then started to look at strategy. After all, we’re media planners, it’s about time our skills actually paid off in the real world. We knew that if we were out of a job tomorrow, but wanted to eat as well as yesterday, we'd have to do some menu choice adjustments. And so, the birth of Girls With No Frills and our slogan #eatrichly. Now, we investigate the best way a couple can dine at some of the tops in Toronto for under $50 before tax and tip.

What else can we do?

Did you think this is all we did? Mama's gotta pay the bills! Thanks to our day-time job experience, we've solidified our skills and created quite the team. Below are a list of services we can offer:


  • Content Creation
    We showcase your food in the most mouth-watering way. Whether you’re looking for storytelling through Instagram Stories, static posts or sponsored blog articles - we create and curate. 

  • Instagram & Facebook Ads
    Using our experience with global clients, and translating that large market penetration into smaller business, we can maximize ad dollar efficiencies and capitalize on granular targeting.   


  • Contests
    Looking for a quick boost in followers, traffic, or buzz? Contests often create a huge ripple effect for our clients, generating an influx of followers and engagement.


  • Community Management
    Need someone to handle your social media accounts? We have a team for that!


  • Graphic & Web Design Needs?
    Feel free to contact the very talented Robert, over at CHZE Design


  • Photography?
    Check out George Bucur's work and contact him for any upcoming shoots. you may have.

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