You & your partner-in-dine can eat for $50 or less anywhere in Toronto

You know that feeling when one of your friends suggests you both dine at that bougie restaurant in the city but you know pay day isn't for another week? Girls With No Frills helps you shed that table tab anxiety. Founded on the belief of food strategy, GWNF will help you and your partner-in-dine eat for $50 or less (before tax and tip) at all the hottest spots in Toronto. We give you the palate freedom to try it all - on a budget.

For some restaurants it'll be easy, for others it'll be a challenge but we're up for it. With our rating system, you'll have the vicarious knowledge and preparation to assess how our choices net out.

the rating system

Unbutton Your Pants:

We got a lot for our buck, maybe even too much. We tried almost everything and chose well, almost everything. So skip lunch before choosing one of these places.

Skinny jeans:

Options aren't going to leave you burping and bloated like someone who's lactose intolerant but you definitely won't be hitting up a local McDonald's for a late night snack. This one's about being content and #balance.

the feed
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You're free to wear any restricting, sexy clothing you want because these spots definitely don't leave room for a lot of choices but will leave room in your dress. We suggest having a light snack before indulging in these choices...but hey, quality over quantity (sometimes).

the good stuff
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