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North of Brooklyn

North of Brooklyn

650.5 Queen West


Rated best late night food, cheapest lunch spot and best pizza slice in Toronto, North of Brooklyn has a better rating than that Uber driver that didn’t charge you a clean-up fee after you puked in the backseat on your birthday. If you’re carb loading for a major sporting event, or it’s an average Tuesday (for people like us) you’re going to want to visit this restaurant.

What’s North of Brooklyn known for?

Pizza! And what kind of pizza? Brooklyn style. Brooklyn style pizza is thinner than your traditional, “we found this in the back of the freezer” kind of pizza. You won’t find many alternatives on the menu, other than pizza – but you likely won’t feel the need to stray.

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What did we get?

Well, we started with...

Arugula Salad ($7)

Menu Description: arugula, pecorino, pickled red onions, walnuts, sherry vinaigrette dressing. We did some stomach exercises by warming up with a salad. Freshly tossed in a light dressing, this salad is guaranteed to kick start your hunger.

And we drank…

Beers ($4/each)

In-house beers can be as cheap as $4, so why wouldn’t you drink up?

What we stuff our faces with…

Killer Bee Pizza ($16)

Menu Description: sauce, mozzarella, Calabrese sausage, serrano peppers, pickled red onions, honey.

Doesn’t really move like a butterfly but definitely stings like a bee. This pizza is the perfect combo for those undecided customers; spicy peppers, sweet honey. And like the name implies, it’s to die for.

White Pizza ($16)

Menu Description: mozzarella, garlic ricotta, arugula.

I know, white pizza sounds super boring and lame but this wasn’t. The garlic ricotta and the fresh arugula go hand in hand to bring this canvas pie to life.

Garlic Dip ($2.50)

Because your breath couldn’t get any worse?

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$49.50 before tax and tip

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