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Pop-Up Edition: Cereal Box Cafe

Cereal Box Cafe Pop-Up

867 Dundas St. W

How could something as underwhelming as cereal create a buzz so big that people would actually wait outside in negative a billion degree weather for? Well, the good folks at Cereal Box Cafe really know how to get the milk pouring and the spoons clashing because the turnout last Friday was incredible! We were invited to the VIP pop-up opening of the cafe and we’re glad we skipped dinner beforehand.

What’s Cereal Box Cafe Known For?

If it’s not obvious from the name, they specialize in all things cereal-related. What’s not in the name is that this place is able to bring you back to the 90s, the era of portable CD players and Saturday morning cartoons. From cereal bowls to cereal topped pop-tarts, this cafe uses milk for things other than lattes and caps. With a choice of up to 25 cereals, 5 types of milk, and 17 toppings (including gluten-free Lucky Charms). And guess what, the permanent location opens this summer in Toronto with triple the options!

What Did We Get?

Custom bowl ($6)

Cinnamon Toast Crunch base

One of our nostalgic favourites - what could go wrong with this brown sugar, cinnamon delight? Nothing, especially because we added oreos, marshmallows and custom colour M&Ms! Yes, we let our inner child out with this one and topped it off with 2% regular milk.

Birthday Bowl ($6)

Menu Description: Lucky Charms, fluff, sprinkles.

We sprung for strawberry milk, because this one wasn’t sweet enough…Named appropriately, this bowl is a gift of deliciousness. The fluff AKA clouds of heaven held all of the flavours together, maintaining that cereal-topping ratio with every scoop.

Pop-Tarts ($5)

Topped with Fruit Loops

Going the extra mile, Cereal Box Cafe tops their homemade Pop-Tarts with colourful cereals. Unfortunately, this doesn’t count as your serving of fruit for the day. These were limited and exclusive to the pop-up location.

In an ideal world...

We would have loved to try the Lucky Charms Coffee. Magically delicious liquid, why not!


$17 before tax and tip

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