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We're Not In Toronto Anymore...Mojito Cubano

Mojito Cubano

1510 Queen St W


Not sure what was sweeter, the amazing mojito that tasted like it was straight from Cuba or head chef Gabriel Gonzalez. We were welcomed with warmth and great energy by the staff as we entered the quaint little gem on Queen Street. One of the first things we noticed was the amazing Cuban music playing (which should definitely be curated into a Spotify playlist). With Cuban themed decorations blanketing the interior, it felt nice to be transformed somewhere outside of our 9-5’s for a great meal. Luckily, we were provided with the opportunity to try exclusive up and coming menu items!

What’s Mojito Cubano known for?

Not surprisingly, this place is known for killer mojitos. With the bartender crushing fresh ingredients nothing feels more original. Specializing in Latin American cuisine, Gabriel brings Cuba to you.

What Did We Get?

Mojito ($10)

Sorry, but to make the under $50 rule only one of you gets to have a mojito...but I’m sure you’ll spare a sip or two, right? The perfect mojito is one that doesn’t taste too strong or too sweet and isn’t suffocated by mint leaves. Mojito Cubano knows how to balance it all out and even though it didn’t taste strong, it definitely got us feeling tipsy enough.

Enchilado de Camarones ($17)

“You’re okay with spicy food, yeah?” asked the chef. “Hell yes!”, said us. With the right amount of kick this was the perfect dish to start. The word ‘enchilado’ is not to be confused with the word enchilada (yes, one letter = BIG difference). Enchilada means seasoned with chili and that’s exactly what the shrimps were drowned in - a lovely tomato and pepper based sauce with a side of white rice and green beans. It was the perfect segue to…

Uruguayan Steak ($20) (available as a daily special)

Although Gabriel is from Holguin Cuba, he tells us the story of the Uruguayan steak which was named after a local who always requested this dish. We’re always skeptical when meat is served well-done because as most would agree, many of the juices and flavours are lost when meat is allowed to dry. But not this time! This steak is breaded, stuffed with ham and cheese and served with black bean wild rice and fried plantains. It’s a perfect sharing plate and who doesn’t like a second serving of rice!

What Would We Splurge For In An Ideal World?

Another mojito!


$47 before tax and tip

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