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It’s Pronounced Gee

Ji Restaurant

760 St Clair Ave W


From the creators who brought you your fave Indian hot spot Pukka comes the new Indian fusion hot spot Ji! No, you pronounced it wrong - it doesn’t rhyme with the word eye, it’s pronounced Gee, as in “OH EMM GEE I didn’t know Indian comfort food was a thing”. Ji opened its doors late 2016 and is entering 2017 with a bang! Owner Harsh Chawla took his experience from Pukka and applied it in the right way here at Ji.

What’s Ji Known For?

Aside from giving Indian food a fun American twist, Ji currently has some sweet weekly deals going on - which you know we love! From Toonie Tuesdays, to Wine Wednesdays and Tallboy Thursdays you can get your drink on without hurting your pockets. So to really get a bang for your buck, hit up this place during the week.

What did we get?

Brisket Poutine ($14)

Menu Description: made with masala fries, paneer, and pulled beef curry.

Luckily for us, Ji had an awesome sharing option so this platter is fit for two! The masala fries are seasoned as though Salt Bae himself put a finishing pinch on’em. And the beef! We could have a Bollywood romance with this tender lovin’ meat. This dish is so tasty you may consider doubling your order and ignoring the rest of our recos.

Macaroni Makhani ($12)

Menu Description: cavatappi pasta baked in a tomato infused cheese sauce.

Sari not sorry but this dish was by far our absolute fave. Betcha didn’t think macaroni and cheese could be non-American, well Ji will prove you wrong. This creamy, tomato cheese sauce is looser than your typical traditional dish but it makes it that much richer! FOOD HACK: put the chicken lollipops on top and enjoy this combination meal.

Chicken Lollipops ($14)

Menu Description: Delhi-style chicken wings with green chutney.

Lollipop’s don’t have to be sweet, they can be crispy, crunchy, tender and golden too! As mentioned above, throw’em on top of the carb dish for some protein balance.

Daily Vegetables ($9)

We have to be healthy sometimes, even if this restaurant is filed under the Unbutton Your Pants category we thought we’d throw in some fresh greens into the mix.


$49 before tax and tip

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