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What A Bagel, What a Brunch!

What A Bagel

130 Spadina Ave


Don’t let the title fool ya, they don’t just serve amazing bagels, no no - they serve pretty much anything and everything you want out of a good breakfast or brunch. Honestly, we thought at most, What A Bagel (WAB) would have mastered bagels of all kinds but they have really cracked the code of good meals. From cob salads the size of newborn children to Stroman’s special egg and avocado sandwich it’s no wonder WAB has lasted all of these years.

What’s What a Bagel Known For?

Yes, they’re known for their bagels, of course; sesame, poppyseed, everything, chocolate, raisin, RAINBOW!, flat bagels etc, WAB’s probably taking them out of the oven as we speak. Aside from that, they have a variety of Jewish dishes and specialities that taste as good as that time your coworker brought in leftovers after Hanukkah. Fresh, crispy latkas, chicken schniztels, challah bread you name it. And what’s more, the portion sizes are enormous so you can bank on having to pack up the other half of your meal for tomorrow so your roommate can eat it and you guys can passive aggressively argue about it.

What did we get?

Melted Hash ($14.99) Menu Description: latka hash, melted cheddar, avocado, turkey bacon, poached eggs, feta, hollandaise. If it has turkey bacon, it’s basically healthy and #fitspo, right? Probably. It’s hard to resist this perfectly poached masterpiece. Served with a side of your choice, we opted for the spinach salad with goat cheese and strawberries because we really wanted to make sure we got our serving of fruit for the day, of course. The latka hash was cooked to golden perfection and was eventually draped in egg yolk and avocado.

Lemon Ricotta Pancakes ($11.99) Menu Description: served with blackberries. It’s a sugary ride from here on out as we start with the lemon ricotta pancakes. Subtly sweet, this dish is preparing us for what’s to come. Served with 3 pancakes that are bigger than the plate they’re served on, the lemon and ricotta flavors battle each other for palette prominence.

Nutella Oreo Crunch French Toast ($10.99) Menu Description: thick cut challah, Nutella, Oreo We don’t want to formally declare this the greatest dessert-esque dish we’ve ever had but if it was a human, both of us Girls With No Frills would marry it, have it’s French babies and dress them beautiful in Oreos and Nutella. The key to a great french toast is using a dense, consistent bread like challah. You may get cavities after this dish, you might gain a few pounds for the love of gluttony, order it.

Date Me Smoothie ($5.99) Menu Description: bananas, dates, almond milk, almond butter, cinnamon. If you’re a gym rat, don’t expect us to talk about pre/post workout or protein powders. This smoothie is one of the best sellers at WAB so you can bet it’s worth it.

Bagel with Cream Cheese ($3.99)* You have to get a bagel because well, what’s breakfast without What a Bagel? If you’re feeling too stuffed, opt for a to-go bagel for $0.99 to enjoy at home tomorrow.

Alternatively… If you wanted to keep your tab and stomach feeling lighter, the Melted Hash, Nutella Oreo Crunch French Toast and two smoothies would get the job done.

Tab $47.99 without tax and tip

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