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Little Anthony's, Big Taste

Little Anthony's

121 Richmond St. W


There's nothing ‘little’ about Little Anthony’s, not the presentation, the taste or the service. Located in the financial district, you’re bound to drown in a sea of suits but it’s worth it for these dishes.

What’s Little Anthony's Known For?

Italian comfort food; classics like a nice tomato sauce, pastas, meatballs and all the usual goods. Catching a show nearby? Don’t worry - LA's caters to all kinds of nights serving a pre-theatre menu, dinner menu, and group dinner menu.

What did we get?

Bruschetta ($12)

Whether you pronounce it broosh-etta or broo-sketta it’s a great warmup dish to split with your partner-in-dine. The tomatoes were as fresh as could be and were complemented with some finely chopped garlic and herbs.

Tagliatelle alla bolognese ($20)

Menu Description: traditional beef, veal & pork ragu

A good pasta sauce leaves no water or liquids in your plate after your last bite but rather, leaves an oil based residue and that’s exactly the type of sauce we got to taste at LA’s. With tender beef blessing every forkful you’re best off going for the main size vs. the smaller app version.

Pomodoro ($17)

Menu Description: tomato sauce & basil

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Nothing wrong with keeping it simple, especially when this dish tastes like it’s right out of the motherland.

Alternatively… If you have a sweet tooth, try opting for the appetizer sizes for the pasta dishes and spring for a dessert that’ll give you a sugar crash later.

Tab $49 without tax and tip

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