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Pukka Me? Pukka You


778 St Clair Ave W


Remember when we talked about Ji a little while ago? (nod yes, even if you don’t and click the little link here). Well, we went to Ji’s parent restaurant Pukka (pronounced puck-uh) and my oh my did it feel that way! Specializing in traditional Indian cuisine, Pukka doesn’t stray or fuse with any other style of food. Owner Harsh Chawla and his partner Derek Valleau (sommelier) specialize in the two best things on the earth: food and wine.

What’s Pukka Known For?

Since October 2015, Pukka opened its doors and had the intention of being a quality restaurant specializing in Indian cuisine. Harsh and Derek were very clear that they were looking to break the stereotype of Indian food; rather than overwhelm patrons with spice and sauce they aimed to reintroduce the tastes and dishes rooted in India in a comfortable way. With a focus on ethically handled meats and little to no preservatives, Pukka will even get your newly vegetarian friend to stop passive aggressively shaming you for your carnivorous habits.

What did we get?

Pukka Chaat ($12.90)

Menu Description: vegetable strings, puffed rice, pomegranate,green apple, mango, chutneys & yoghurt.

It’s a chit chaat ting, with some nice rice! This dish takes on the role of a salad, consisting of cold veggies, fruits and a yoghurt dressing. It’s heavy enough to feel like more than a salad but not enough to substitute your meal with.

Boatman’s Fish + Prawn Curry ($29.90)

Menu Description: tamarind, turmeric, coconut-citrus broth

First of all, we’ve never had to ask the server for a straw to drink the remaining amounts of sauce from a dish but I guess there’s a first for everything! FOOD HACK ALERT - order a side of rice (listed below) to arrive at the same time as the Boatman’s fish. Rather than drinking the sauce, you can mix in the plain rice to really get a bang for your buck and make sure nothing is left to waste.

Rice ($4.90)

Menu Description: steamed long grain basmati

As mentioned above!

Tab $47.70 without tax and tip

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