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3827 Bathurst St.


Spring is in the air, and by spring we mean seasonal allergies and new menu items of course! Fresh Ontario leafy greens, veggies, garnishes and herbs are gracing our plates and palattes - hibernation is over. We recently visited Paese in North York this week and had a chance to sample all the new Spring menu items. Tony, owner and chef of Paese, had one request for his team when coming up with the new menu: although the dishes had to stick to their origins, they needed to be fun and healthy. Understanding the demands of our ever growing millennial #fitspo squads, he’s on the right track.

What’s Paese Known For?

Paese has been around for quite some time now, nestled in central North York. The Italian word ‘Paese’ translates to “town” or “village/community” which is fitting, given the fact that the food tastes like it came straight from the motherland. Specializing in Italian cuisine, Paese gives some of its traditional meals a modern twist.

What did we get?

Tuna Tartar ($18)​

Menu Description: tonnato sauce, fingerling crisps

We didn’t expect to see tuna tartar on the menu but like we said, Paese offers that twist on Italian food, the chefs take risks that paid off well for our tastebuds. We weren’t exactly sure what tonnato sauce was but again, were pleasantly surprised. Though small in size, the dish was rich in taste and teased us for what was to come.

Pizza Arancini ($15)

Menu Description: cheese risotto ball, pepperoni, mozzarella, parmigiano, tomato sauce.

This dish really stole a pizza of our heart! And what’s better that a regular, traditional flat pizza pie? One that’s rolled into a little rice ball and deep friend, of course. This arancini is the next logical step in your meal, packed with meat, sauce and cheese it’s only natural to have an actual pizza for your next dish.

150 Eh ($16)

Menu Description: artisanal coppa, brussel sprouts, cheddar, cheese curd, maple syrup.

To celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary, the team came up with a more Canadian influenced dish, and what’s more Canadian than some maple syrup? This salty and sweet ode to Canada is the perfect way to end the meal, satisfying both your appetite and your sweet tooth.

In An Ideal World…

If that wasn’t sweet enough, we highly recommend the affogato ($11) for dessert. If you’re not familiar with this dessert, it’s traditionally just espresso poured atop vanilla ice cream. At Paese, this is served with white chocolate gelato, espresso, along with a warm cherry and chocolate chip cookie. Pockets feeling super endless tonight? Try adding Sambuca, Amaretto Brandy or Grappa to the mix. If you’re strapped for cash, swap out the tuna tartar for dessert and voila, best of both dishes.


$49 before tax and tip

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