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Trix Are Back


4750 Yonge Street Unit #107

Sure, Canada has a great healthcare system, Lusty Justy as Prime Minister and we’re all very sorry (all the time), but do you know what’s not for Canadians? Trix! Trix are not for kids or us, apparently, because they were banned in the Great North! But not to worry, Silo13 to the rescue! The term soft launch implies something anticlimactic, but this was not the case when we visited S13 before its grand opening.

Owners Ariel and David welcomed us with open arms and open boxes. Having randomly conceived the idea one day while discussing the multitude of cereals there are in the world, the pair decided to turn their fully formed idea into a reality and thus, came S13. A silo is a pit on a farm that stores grains, the origin and beginning of all cereals, and the number 13 is something personally close to Ariel and David.

What’s Silo13 Known For?

Cereals, and lots of them! From the US, UK, China, South Korea back to our homeland, there are hundreds of cereals that cycle through S13 daily. Want full autonomy ‘cause you’re an adult that likes to eat childish snacks sometimes? Go for the freestyle bowl. Rushing over after your 9 - 5 and too busy to worry yourself with more choices and responsibilities? Opt for the cheaper prepackaged bowls. What’s great is S13 isn’t priced based on weight and you’re able to mix as many cereals and toppings as you’d like.

What did we get?

Freestyle Bowls ($10) x 2

We went with a “the more colours the better” approach to our bowls. With a mix of Canada banned cereals; Cinnabons, Trix, Cookie Crisp along with some Cap’n Crunch Blueberry Pancake, French Toast Crunch and Fruity Pebbles we didn’t stop there. We added some shredded coconut and of course, mini oreos.

One more thing...

Let’s not forget to mention that you can add whatever and however many toppings you want to your bowl and your first bottle of milk is free! We think this is PERFECT for a date night and it’s especially on the money saving side. Pre-packaged bowls run for $6. Sure, you can buy a box of cereal at the grocery store for less than a bowl but can you mix and match a whole bunch? No! And what’s more, S13 gives you that fun, creative experience you can enjoy with a SO or on your own - let your inner 7 year old out!


$20 before tax and tip

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