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Chow Now Edition, with Foodora

G for Gelato

75 Jarvis St


You know what they say, pizza is like sex - even when it’s bad, it’s still good. I’m sure you’ve also heard that other saying: don’t have sex in public. Well I guess that’s not really a saying but more so a law. The point is, G for Gelato’s pizza is so good, you’re going to want to enjoy it in the comfort of your own home (like sex, get it?).

This week we used Foodora to bring the goods to us. Whether you’re feeling lazy, sick or straight up antisocial, Foodora helps weed out the annoying parts of a date night i.e having to put a bra on, using that expensive foundation sample you got from Sephora, putting on pants with a restricting waistline etc. 10/10 would recommend downloading the app if any of the former applied to you.​

What’s G for Gelato Known For?

As the name implies, it’s known for its gelato but #plottwist - we did not have that for dinner. We thought it may have been slightly challenging to make that request of our Foodora rider! G for Gelato (GfG) definitely does not specialize in only ice cream - they have really perfected a great italian style pizza; thin, crispy and topped with quality ingredients. GfG will bait you with their delicious gelato flavours but accidentally have you ordering a pizza for dessert.

What did we get?

Arugula Salad ($4.50)

Honestly, we were expecting a pretty basic salad - figured we’d get some arugula tossed in some balsamic vinegar and the chef would call it a day, but we were pleasantly surprised. With shaved parmigiano cheese, crushed walnuts, fresh pears and an italian vinaigrette, this starter was definitely a bang for our bite.

Funghi PIzza ($15.04)

Menu Description: assorted mushrooms, fontina cheese, topped with arugula, shaved parmigiano cheese, truffle oil.

You know that saying about truffle butter...kidding - we’re not going to go there (not today). But we will talk about how wonderfully truffle oil brings out all the mushroom goodness with its deep musk and earthy aroma. This pizza was fresh, light and full of subtle flavours.

Diavola Pizza ($15.04)

Menu Description: tomato sauce, fior di latte, spicy soppressata, EVOO.

This pizza packs the spicy punch and compensates for the calming funghi pizza. Splitting these pies between two people leaves you with the yin and yang of pizza selections.

Special Thanks To…

Foodora! Without you we would have had to deal with people, been a part of small talk, stress over making a reservation and expend energy on our appearances.You is kind, you is smart, and you is important (for our stomachs).

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$43.03 (inclusive of tax & delivery charge of $3.50)

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