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The Chase Fish & Oyster

The Chase Fish & Oyster

10 Temperance St.


The Chase is not only that place you recognized on that episode of Suits that one time - it’s much more than that, and much more than your pockets can probably handle. Since The Chase is nestled comfortably in our Bodycon section of GWNF, we decided to hit up the the joint during lunch, to capitalize on those lunchtime prices. With beautiful and bright decor, this hot spot is a frequent destination for all the Bay Street hotties, if you’re into dilfs and all.

What’s The Chase known for?

This restaurant is one of the go-to Toronto fish and oyster houses. Aside from the abundance of aphrodisiacs, the restaurant prides itself on its healthy options, fresh ingredients and a wonderful environment. Though it’s flooded with a corporate crowd in the day, the staff is nothing but inviting to everyone. For a $50 budget, expect a light meal below!

What did we get?

Burrata ($23) Menu Description: preserved fruit, cherries herb salad, toasted sourdough

We should first talk about the plating and how beautiful this presentation was. Served with lightly dressed leafy greens, pastes and spreads, and topped with sea salt, this dish was light and rich. Perfect to split and if you run out of crusted sourdough, feel free to ask for more - no one likes a poor cheese to bread ratio.

Octopus ($24) Menu Description: roasted & tossed in salsa verde with piquillo peppers, harissa rapini, merguez sausage & olives.

Ending on a fresh note, we split the delicious grilled octopus. Tossed in a delicious salsa and fresh greens we actually felt healthier after eating this and since it’s not too heavy, you definitely aren’t at risk of overeating.

In An Ideal World…

We’d spring for the Pearl Platter (oysters) or the Halibut. Though this would put you over budget, it would really add to the experience to dabble in oysters as a starter dish, but at $34 a plate, we steered clear.


$47 before tax and tip

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