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It’s a par-tea with teapigs!

If there’s one thing we can get behind, it’s national food holidays - not that we really need an excuse to eat or drink. But it’s always nice when we can rally behind something like a donut, or a burger, or in this case, tea.

Recently teapigs invited us to join them in celebrating National Iced Tea Day - only with a twist. Instead of just pouring some cooled down tea over a few ice cubes and pouring it into a dollar store mason jar, FIGO’s mixologist Brad Gubbins developed three delicious cocktails that will surely be in your summer rotation, and your Instagram feed. He basically gave tea one of those 80s makeovers, like in a John Hughes movie, and made it super glamourous. Our personal favourite was the iced teapigs super fruit punch, which is just sweet enough to satisfy your adult palate.

See below for the recipes created for National Iced Tea day, teapigs style. Happy mixing!

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