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Milestone Alert: 5,000 Followers!

La Rocca Cakes

Everyone’s getting engaged, celebrating weddings, popping out babies and buying homes. Us? We’re busy celebrating a small, but meaningful milestone. 5,000 followers! We started our blog and Instagram account only a little while ago. With a vision and a cellphone, Girls With No Frills was founded in October 2016.

This week, La Rocca Cakes helped us toast to our early success with a strawberry shortcake. With deep roots in Naples Italy, La Rocca was established here in Canada in 1986. La Rocca sprouted into the North American market as a whole, being sold almost everywhere! Want to know where to buy a cake near you? Check out this page. With an average price of about $30 dollars, La Rocca cakes taste as though they were baked by a cute old Italian nonna at a local shop.

Also - we want to take this time to thank each and every one of you 5,000 followers. It's a small win, but an important one :)

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