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Chow Now Edition, with Foodora

Cherry Street Bar-B-Que

275 Cherry St.


There’s nothing like a good ol’summer night spent barbecuing all kinds of meats while drinking some beers (or whatever doesn’t make you bloat). We don’t get many summer nights here in Canada so we’ve got to make the most of it. Unfortunately, Mother Nature doesn’t agree and has plagued 2017 with more precipitation than we had hoped for. Luckily for us, Foodora saved the day and we didn’t have to give up our recommended serving of iron (and carbs) for the day.

What’s Cherry Street Bar-B-Que Known For?

All things barbecued, of course. With a heavy Southern influence, all meats are smoked over white oak boards. With time-honoured recipes and and traditional cuisine, Cherry Street BBQ will stray for the sake of adding some multicultural flair. With local beers and a great selection of cocktails, we’d say Cherry Street BBQ is especially known for a good time.

What did we get?

Pulled Pork ($9.95)

Pulled from the clouds of heaven, this pork was unreal. And by unreal, we mean it was totally real and totally worth it. We’re not quite sure what the sauces were but what we do know is it was sweet, salty and as tender as a gospel choir on Sunday.

Double-Stack Cherry Mac Burger ($13.95)

Hey, ever wanted the better version of the Big Mac? Well then you’re luck because the folks at Cherry Street BBQ have outdone themselves. While it’s topped with pickles, tomatoes and lettuce, this sauce steals the show. We were lucky to have our mouths graced with this one.

1/4 Chicken ($7.50)

Taking a break from dark meat, we decided to wing it and try the chicken. Glazed with a house butter chimichurri sauce and grilled to perfection we were mother plucking satisfied.

Home Fries ($4.95)

A burger just isn’t complete without some potatoes of some sort. Roasted and sprinkled with salt, these give your meal the balance you crave.

Mac & Cheese ($5.95)

Don’t hate us for really making you unbutton your pants with this one but we’re not done yet. Since we love our carbs, this dish was simple and well needed. Not too creamy and not too cheesy (yes, sometimes there is such a thing!) it was the right choice for us - and for you too, probably.

Special Thanks To…

Foodora! Once again you saved the day and helped us avoid a PMSing Mother Nature. We enjoyed this messy meal in the privacy of our homes and didn’t have to worry about judgemental looks from other patrons.


$45.80 (inclusive of tax & delivery charge of $3.50 - not including tip)

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