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Wine Tasting From The Couch

Montes Wine

If you’re still reading this, it’s not too late, you can still stay in tonight! As you know, we’re obviously big fans of going out in Toronto and trying some of the billion restaurants this city has to offer but we also have our lazy nights. I'm sure you also know we’re not just fans of eating...we like drinking too (much).

We recently hosted a girls night in and our good friends at Montes Wine hooked us UP with an awesome hostess kit for the night. We're here to help you replicate our night, or at least guide you down the right path to knocking ours off.

Before we get into the goods, we need to consider what kind of accessories and pretty things you'll need to execute the night:

  • Candles: sure, no one likes to literally burn their money away but have you ever smelled a candle from Anthropologie before? Scent up your night!

  • Napkins: but not just any napkins, Pinterest-ey napkins with cute sayings and colours.

  • Flowers: because who doesn't love a fully bloomed peony? Unless you're one of those people who flowers remind them of funerals and death...then forget this step.

  • Corkscrew: don't think much needs to be said about this one.

With the emergence of Tapas menus and tasting style restaurants, you don't need to have a dish that's the main attraction for the night; feel free to mix it up with a variety of apps and snacks. We opted for mini snacks; duck pâté, crostini style bread, dried fruits, jam, mixed nuts and olives. What else did we consider? Salami/cured meats, brie cheese, olive pâté, and guac dip or salsa & chips.

And last but definitely not least - the alcohol! We don't endorse or promote anything we wouldn't put in our own bodies so trust us when we say Montes wine is a hidden gem. If you're like the average millennial, you've probably at some point in your life equated high quality wine with a high price point. If you’re guilty of this, chances are you missed Montes.

If you're more of a white drinker Montes Spring Harvest Sauvignon Blanc 2016 retails at the LCBO for $14.95. If you're into purple lips and teeth, go for the Red lovers will enjoy the Montes Reserva 2014, available for $12.95. Happy dining in, squad!

(Some more wines include Montes Alpha Cabernet Sauvignon or Montes Alpha Chardonnay (the latter of which pairs deliciously with avocado toast!) net out $19.95 price tag.)

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