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Everything Is Bigger (And Better) In Texas

Lone Star Texas Grill

212 King St. W


From Texas, all the way to Ottawa and eventually, all of North America, a couple of dudes from opened the authentic joint after missing home just a little too much back in 1986. And they didn’t just mimic, they sourced traditional recipes, imported all the right cooking equipment, and of course, the chose the freshest ingredients available.

What’s Lone Star Texas Grill Known For?

The five Texan food groups of course; steak, mexican food, chicken fried steak, BBQ and tacos. With mouth-watering flavours, spices that’ll hurt you in the morning and seafood so fresh that it’ll make you wonder if there’s an ocean in Canada after all.

What did we get?

Gulf Coast Tuna Tacos ($16.99)

Menu Description: Two cracked pepper soft flour tortillas, pepper sauce brushed, stuffed with taco slaw, pico de gallo, fresh avocado, grilled rare tuna slices topped with citrus crema and tortilla corn straw.

This dish has all the food buzzwords you look for in a menu item. It’s got avocado, tuna and pico de gallo and on top of that, it's comes with two tacos so it's perfect to share.

Hill Country T-Bone Steak ($31.99) Menu Description: This Big Texas 16 oz. steak comes with a loaded baked potato, garlic mushrooms and slivered onions, crispy wedge fries and onion rings. Don't freak out...we're not suggesting you tackle this big guy alone, especially when it comes with so many starchy sides. Meat sweats aren't the same as the kind you break during a workout but they count for something.


$48.99 (excluding tax & tip)


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