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Chow Now Edition, with Foodora

Queen Margherita Pizza

772 Dundas St W


Luckily for us, Toronto is more than just a traditional restaurant scene, we also have the option to be one with the outdoors. And by one with the outdoors we’re not talking camping because...well no thank you. What we’re talking about is enjoying a lovely summer day, in a park with food (that was prepared for us by someone else, of course). Recently, we spent the day at Trinity Bellwoods park and enjoyed some carbtastic deliciousness from Queen Margherita Pizza (QMP). Our friends over at Foodora ensured we didn’t have to sacrifice any sunshine and had food ready for us as we headed to the park.

What’s Queen Margherita Pizza Known For?

Specializing in Neapolitan style pizza, QMP is known for quality ingredients and Italian inspired menu items. Fun fact - QMP is named after one of the former Queens of Italy, Margherita Maria Teresa Giovanna. A pizzamaker in 1889 made the Queen 3 types of pizzas, and the Queen’s favourite was one that looked similar to the Italian flag, with green basil leaves, white mozzarella cheese and red tomato sauce and thus was born, Pizza Margherita. Yeah, didn’t think you’d get a history lesson from Girls With No Frills, did ya? You’re welcome y’animals.

What did we get?

Caprese Salad ($12)

Menu Description: buffalo mozzarella, seasonal tomatoes, basil.

This was a great warmup dish for us to split; extremely savory, fresh ingredients and of course, who doesn’t love buffalo mozzarella!

Calabrese Pizza ($19)

Menu Description: spicy or mild cacciatore, garlic, black pepper, parmigiano.

We decided to parallel the hot, summer day with a hot, spicy pizza. You won’t need to worry about dough-to-meat ratio, this pizza’s got enough for every bite. We opted for hot oil on the side as well - dare to do the same, if you live on the edge of your palate.

Cinque Stagione ($17)

Menu Description: bell peppers, spicy zucchini, fior di latte, garlic, ricotta salata, truffle oil, black pepper.

With a twist on the classic Quattro Stagione pizza, QMP decorates a white pizza with all the lovely fixins. Have you noticed we also have a thing for all things truffle related? Again, if you’re feeling risky, go for the hot oil on this one as well.


A meal at Trinity Bellwoods wouldn't be complete without some illegal public drinking! We picked up a couple of Joiy cans from the LCBO. For $4.85 a can, this is the perfect drink for your picnic - did we mention it has a 10% alcohol content? So you can drink less but still feel more ;)

Special Thanks To…

Foodora! Thanks for catering to our lazy asses on a lovely summer day. You make being a millennial even less of a struggle.


$48 (does not include of tax & delivery charge of $3.50 or Joiy beverages)

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