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King Of The Castle

King Taps

100 King Street W


The phrase “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is" doesn't really apply to King Taps. What's not to love about good drinks, even better food and great vibes...the kind that make you think you’re in the show Suits. You get to enjoy live music or a DJ on any night of the week and the best part is, with 140 patio seats, you don’t need to miss out on a summer night. To top off the coolness, the artwork inside is from local talents Anser and Daniel Mazzone.

What’s King Taps Known For?

Beer (lots of it), food (all good). With over 50 beer taps (including in house creations), you won’t be too thirsty after leaving King Taps (KTs). Don’t worry about getting to KTs too late, they have after 11pm deals as well; $5 mules, ½ price pizza, ½ price rosé...yes, ROSE LADIES.

What did we get?

Crispy Sushi ($13.50) Menu Description: seared rare albacore tuna, crispy sushi rice, avocado, yuzu emulsion.

We're going to start by asking you if you're more of an app person, or if you've got more of a sweet tooth? If you're appy happy, continue reading this blurb (if not, please continue anyways cause we work hard on these posts). If you're going with the Crispy Sushi dish, you should know that a. it's an adorable dish that's oh-so-insta worthy and b. it's the perfect bite size app that comes across as a pseudo aburi sushi style.

Tuna Bowl ($18) Menu Description: line-caught albacore, crispy rice cubes, napa cabbage, nori, mango, jasmine rice, sesame miso dressing.

KTs makes you wonder if Canada is known for its fresh water tuna. This bowl is extremely filling and flowing with salty and sweet flavours - enough to share, for sure.

Forager ($18)

Menu Description: roasted mushrooms, kale, truffle-ricotta cream, grana padano.

You can probably scroll back to most posts on our site and notice the truffle trend but hey, we're not ashamed and we’re not going to stop! This creamy ricotta mixture that drapes the pie is exactly the kind of simplicity and richness you want in a white pizza.

Rocky Road Sundae ($8)

Menu Description: toasted marshmallow, chocolate sauce, "Crunchie" honeycomb.

Alright so we asked you early what kind of person you are, reason is because of this out of this world sundae. We don’t think words are enough and honestly, we're not sure your taste buds can handle this sugar overload on their own. Make sure you're dining with someone you don't mind clinking spoons with! We'd personally recommend opting for the dessert over the sushi but to each their own. And as an FYI, KTs offer their sundaes in cute, mini dixie cups for pickup, if you're looking for a secret snack.


$49.50 with sushi, $44 with sundae option (not including tax or tip)

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