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Pie Bar

Pie Bar

207 Queens Quay West


When the moon hits your eye like the Bar that’s called Pie that amore! Located in the Queen’s Quay area, Pie Bar (PB) brings you Italian deliciousness in all shapes and sizes. It opened early this spring and man were we glad. The entire Queens Quay area, though a beautiful view in the summer, was lacking a quality restaurant - but not anymore.

What’s Pie Bar Known For?

What’s 4,500 lbs and cooks a pizza in 90 seconds? The pizza oven PB has in their kitchen. With a variety of toppings and options, PB makes a mean ass pizza. But aside from pizza, PB’s got a great selection of pastas, salads, apps and lovely enough, spritzers. When we visited back in June, they were almost finished with the spritzeria part of the restaurant AKA a variety of wine spritzers.

What did we get?

Mango Caprese ($15)

Menu Description: heirloom tomatoes, fior di latte, mango, pesto vinaigrette.

No, this wasn’t a mistake - mango is supposed to be in this salad. With a sweet twist on a classic dish, the freshness of the fior di latte still managed to wow us. The pesto vinaigrette adds some contrasting colours to the dish so take your phones out for that Instagram pic.

Arancini ($12)

Menu Description: chili spiced Gouda, simple tomato sauce, Reggiano, basil. Dunked in a lovely tomato sauce, the arancini prove that great things really do come in small packages. While the salad was our version of stretching, the arancini are our version of warming up before the big, carby finish line. The dish comes with 3 balls (don’t worry, that’s normal in this case) and are divided by fresh basil.

That’s a Spicy Pie ($20)

Menu Description: spicy San Marzano sauce, fior di latte, pepperoni, and spicy sopressata, Calabrian chili’s.

It’s in the title, make sure you have a glass of water by your side before you take a bite of this one. With the best of 2 kinds of meat, you’ll have to play bite roulette. And don’t forget about the sneaky peppers that make their way in. If you’re a fan of spice you’ll LOVE this one.


$47 (without tax or tip)

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