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The UK Is Moving In...

The Big Feastival

Alright, it took us a week to recover but we’re finally out of our food coma. We attended The Big Feastival for its Canadian debut, thanks to Jamie Oliver. We were in the presence of some of our local, and non local, greats; Chuck Hughes, Rob Gentile, Amy Rosen, Michael Hunter etc. Aside from the boujee A-list chefs, we had a chance to talk to small business owners, the humble kind of mom-and-pop shops that bring you back down to reality.

We witnessed this modesty first hand with the folks at the Hawley Crescent Culinary (HCC) booth. HCC graces the Whitby area with its permanent catering location in that area. After talking to the family who runs HCC, it was clear high quality and low prices are what important to them and that’s something these girls can get on board with!

Our friends at Grindz food had a variety of good eats for us to try; smoothie bowls, poké bowls and fresh ingredients to boot. With a bold presence at The Big Feastival, Grindz have not actually opened in the GTA yet. They decided to test the waters out of a food truck for the weekend - I don’t think anyone was disappointed!

And we couldn’t go to a festival without some corn! The people at The Mighty Cob made sure we had our hands full with some juicy corn.

And you know we didn’t leave the grounds without some dessert. The team at Delight Chocolate had some amazingly unique flavours i.e hints of basil...YES, you heard that right. They're the creators of fine, handmade organic, fair trade chocolates and ice cream and they hooked us up with two cones:

Oh, did you think we’d stop at ice cream? No, no, no - we take food very seriously...even more seriously than our daytime jobs (sorry boss!). We stopped by Wafel Bar (WB) and no word of a lie, we inHALED our waffles. Because the team at WB uses actual dough vs. a batter, the consistency was thicker. You’d think this would result in a dense, heavy or dry waffle but no, it was actually very light still, just had added deliciousness:

Thank you to Jamie Oliver, all the chefs and all the vendors who showed up that weekend!

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