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Birds Of A Feather

Joe Bird

207 Queens Quay W Unit #150


Although many places have impressed us with their brunch quality, few have impressed us with their prices. Birds of a feather sometimes do not flock together because nothing on Joe Bird’s menu exceeds $11! Nestled in the Queens Quay area, overlooking the water, the views here aren’t overshadowed by long line ups.

What’s Joe Bird Known For?

Aside from a variety of ways to eat anything with wings (okay ‘anything’ is an overstatement), it’s got something for everyone; brunch, lunch, dinner, takeout, ice cream and a liquor license! Connected to the Harbourfront Centre, this new hot spot even starts serving breakfast before the workday starts to give those 9-5ers a head start to their day. What you should positively know about Joe Bird is that there’s The Fix Ice Cream is connected to the joint - if Joe Bird had a room for rent, we’d be living there!

What did we get?

Brunch-time Chilli $11

Menu description: poached egg over Mexican bean chili with chicken, crispy tortilla & toast.

Want to start your morning with a kick? How about this authentic, Mexican dish topped with jalapeños and infused with spices? Taking bites out of this bowl doesn’t seem to make a dent - instead it just keeps growing! And hey, we’re not complaining, it’s the perfect dish to share.

Perfectly Pecan Waffle $10

Menu description: crispy waffle with candied pecans, berries, maple bourbon coffee sauce and sweet spiced whipped cream. Served with three fluffy waffle slices, and topped with the brightest bites of of fruit, this choice is so pretty it doesn’t even feel like the calories count. Whether you’re a drizzler of sauces or a dip-per-bite kinda person, the canvas is yours!

Spanish Tortilla $11

Menu description: Spanish “potato-egg cake”, caramelized balsamic onions, chorizo, burst tomatoes & salad.

If you’ve been following us long enough, you know that out of caloric guilt, we almost always order the smallest amount of greens with our meals. In this case, say hello to the small side salad we ordered as a part of our final carb and protein stacked choice. This lasagna look-a-like is condensed and packed with many layers. Coupled with some tomatoes and watercress toppings this dish's colours make for a perfect pic as well.


$32 (does not include or tax & tip)

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