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Chow Now Edition, with Foodora Schnitzel Hub

Schnitzel Hub

1415 Yonge St


So we decided that rather than fight it, we were going to let our winter body’s thrive at the end of the know, since our summer bodies stayed hibernating this year. The weather outside is frightful and inside, we just want to feel full and so once again, Foodora has come to the rescue which means were were able to avoid the frigid Canadian air and enjoy the comfort of our drawstrings.

What’s Schnitzel Hub Known For?

Of course the name of the restaurant gives this one away, with a focus on cuisines from Austria, Hungary, and Denmark its main menu act is indeed the lovely, tender, deep friend meat of your choice. With a wide variety of menu items, you won’t be able to focus all of your tastebuds on the schnitzel alone.

What did we get?

Potato & Cheddar Perogies ($12.95)

You either grew up boiling frozen, store bought perogies or you had a super generous Polish friend who kept you spoiled and full (hell maybe you were that awesome friend) whatever the case, these perogies taste of sheer freshness with every bite. This portion size made for the perfect appetizer for two people.

Mediterranean Salad ($14.00)

Don’t be fooled by the title of this one - although it contains some leafy greens, it’s mainly made up of grilled vegetables, which we were happily surprised with. We treated this as a side dish for our final and main course.

Sausage ($21.00)

Oktoberfest, Currywurst, Ukrainian.

Why settle for one sausage when you can have three? And no ladies, we’re not talking about your Tinder swipes here we’re talking about the meat you eat (and swallow). Third sausage is a charm with this dish, and probably the last of what you can eat in one sitting.

Special Thanks To…

Foodora! Without you we couldn’t have mastered our Santa Clause-esque bods. Even though we were probably on the naughty list, we got the gift of a full stomach and that's more than enough!


$47.95 (not including tax, delivery or tip)

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