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Homemade Meals Made By Someone Else


How convenient are food delivery apps? They bring you delicious, fast food right to your front door and allow you to enjoy the comfort of your break-up sweatpants. But what about when you don’t feel like balling out on gluttonous dishes? Sometimes, you want mom’s homemade hot meals. Don’t you wish there was a service that helped connect you with other mom’s? Uh, that sounded weird. What we mean is there’s an app that allows food enthusiasts to cook awesome meals and post up their food onto their account to which hungry, lazy foodies like yourself can place an order and get in on the goods.

And just like restaurants, everyone is subject to a rating system, so you know how others felt about the cook you chose. So if you love to cook, love to eat or love both these things, check out LaPiat on their site, coming'atcha on your phone's relatives app store, this coming March!

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