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Speducci Mercatto

Speducci Mercatto

46 Milford Avenue


Depending on where you look first upon your arrival to Speducci Mercatto (SM), you may think you’ve entered an upscale butcher shop in the North of Italy. But turn your head to the left and you’ll find yourself facing family style tables, a pristine kitchen and a naturally lit space.

What’s Speducci Mercatto Known For?

With a niche name, SM specializes in all things Italian, really. Though it is one of the few restaurants that's offers speducci outside of your Italian neighbor’s backyard. Chef Gabriele Paganelli doesn't just serve your classic cured meats and pizzas, he ventures beyond the safe zone. Offering cold cuts like horse meat (yikes) and pizzas topped with things you'd find in trail mix, we were pleasantly surprised.

What did we get?

Speducci Salad ($12)

Menu Description: seasonal greens topped with 5 skewers of speducci.

We opted for the salad because the dish was essentially a two-in-one; speducci are offered on the menu at $2 each - this salad for $12. $2 x 5 speducci is $10 which means we got a salad for $2 - #quickmath. I guess it helped that both things were delicious and you have a choice of any kind of meat you’d like.

Wild Boar Strozzapretti ($19)

For our mains, we split 2 carbtastic dishes - the first one being a the very difficult to pronounce, strozzapretti! The sauce resembles that of a bolognese sauce, with minced tomato and shredded wild boar. It’s topped with carrots, some light greens and then finished with fresh Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese. The carrots give it that sweet taste while the sauce and wild board balance the sodium on your palate.

Finocchiona ($15)

What if we told you pistachios weren’t just a nut your parents put out when they had company over or a great gelato flavour? Would you believe they belong on a cheesy pizza? Well whether you agree or not they tasted AWESOME on top of this pizza. With de-cased, fennel induced sausages spread over the pie and finished with the freshest basil.


$46 (without tax and tip)

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