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El Nahual

El Nahual

1993 Keele St


El Nahual is that low-key, straight-A student you knew in the eighth grade; the one who didn't brag and didn't care about validation but was awesome. Located in a small unit at Keele and Eglinton, this cozy spot implies you're welcome to grab-and-go but invited to stay a little while. Illuminated by warm bulbs amidst decorative crates, we decided to dine in. After speaking with the lovely owner Luis, he explained that El Nahual (EN) is a human being who has the power to change (physically/spiritually) into animal form. As it happens, Luis’ Myan sign is a Nahual jaguar, hence the logo.

What’s El Nahual Known For?

EN opened its doors in August of 2016 and has since been focusing their attention on what matters: quality, taste and experience. Other than burrito tortillas, all ingredients, shells, salsas and sauces are made in-house - none of that El Paso Taco bullshit here! The top seller to date has been the Fish Taco, and there's a reason for that.

What did we get?

Black Tiger Shrimp Taco

Menu Description: garlic, crispy cheese, cilantro, onion,grilled peppers, avocado salsa, cabbage slaw.

None of that small, cocktail sized shrimp in this one. Get ready to take a nice big bite of this juicy shrimp. With a nice hint of garlic, this one really stood out.

Fish Taco

Menu Description: batterless cod marinated with oregano, cilantro, cabbage slaw, cilantro aioli. Normally we see fish tacos tossed in a batter (which we love as well) but EN took a lighter take on this one and kept them batterless. When you hear something is lacking breadcrumbs you usually assume it's lacking flavour but not this time.

Chorizo Taco

Menu Description: house-made chorizo, crispy cheese, cilantro, onion, avocado salsa.

Perfectly seasoned, this chorizo tasted so authentic it felt as though we were on a tropical vacation. And not the kind of vacation food you have at a Riu Resort no, no. More like if you took a hike into town and ate from a street vendor and the person serving you only spoke Spanish and made fun of your American accent - it was that kind of good.

Barbacoa Taco

Menu Description: slow cooked, spiced barbacoa beef, cilantro, onion, avocado salsa.

So for those of you who are a little sensitive to adventurous foods, maybe don't read this paragraph until after you've trusted our reco. Barbacoa is typically the head of cattle, specifically the cheeks. I know, I know, no one wants to know the process but everyone wants to eat delicious food.

Yucatan Chicken

Menu Description: slow-braised chicken in ancho, chipotle and achiote sauce, cilantro, onion, queso fresco.

Shredded to perfection, like a Instafit model in the in cutting season, this chicken was ridiculously tender and super tasty. With a blend of in-house sauces creating a zesty, tangy and spicy trifecta, EN takes chicken to another level.

Carnitas Taco

Menu Description: pork confit cooked in its own fat, garnished with avocado salsa, onion, cilantro, pickled carrot/daikon.

The key here...'cooked in its own fat'. That one aspect really added a kick of flavour with this one. And forget about big chain restaurants charging you extra for guac, Luis and his team have perfected an avocado salsa that they use in a majority of their dishes.


3 tacos for $12 = $24 total (excluding tax)

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