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King of Hill

King City Craft Beer and Food Truck Festival

This past weekend, we had the opportunity to hit up a more northern part of Toronto known as King City for their annual Craft Beer and Food Festival! Now, this wasn't just a little north, it was hella north but also totally worth it.

With over 10 local brewers and over 10 food trucks, we had a busy afternoon ahead of us as we stumbled from booth to booth.

First on our munchies crusade, we checked out the absolutely delicious Bestia Food Truck. Specializing in authentic Neapolitan style pizza, the folks at Bestia make their dough fresh daily using imported flour, local water, salt and yeast. We got to try the a variation of the CBGB pizza which was topped with fennel sausage, broccoli rabe, mozzarella and provolone cheese. This was definitely in the ranks of top Neapolitan-style pizza in Toronto - fingers crossed they eventually open up a physical location!

After the delicious and perfectly cooked, doughy pizza, we made our way over to Bombero's Gourmet Nachos. There are many Big Mac imitators out there but when we tell you Bombero's really nailed the iconic burger, they really fucking nailed it. The chips had perfect rations of sauce, lettuce, pickles and beef, and were even topped with sesame seeds, just like the bun

Next we made our way over to The Crazy Canucks truck where they were wildin' out with some delicious fusion favourites. We took a leap and tried the butter chicken poutine. Normally, we're terrified of non-traditional combos but WOW were we feelin' this one:

If this post didn't give you that cheese tease, this next one will - introducing the delicious jalapeño grilled cheese from the good people at The MeltDown Cheesery They specialize in mac n'cheese as well as grilled cheese which means we obviously opted for the combo and got both. If you didn't think it could get better, how about the fact that they have bacon and jalapeños to top off the dish! It was delicious, but we paid for that spice the next day hehe..

For those of you who keep up with our content you know we like to add some healthy things in our meal adventures every now and then. But, if you're going to put something healthy in your mouth, it has to be pretty! We cooled down with an awesome drink from Tropic Love. With staff on site to freshly squeeze the juices, we felt pretty #fitspo as we gulped this one down:

Lastly, the winner of Yelp's King City Best Food Truck contest was Busters Sea Cove. We opted for the lobster grilled cheese and HOT DAMN was it delicious; perfectly buttered buns made for a great balance between gluttonous and rich in flavour.

Other things we tasted:

Ice-cream truck


Thank you to King City and all the beer and food vendors who showed up!

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