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Boku Noodle Bar

42 Gristmill Lane


We usually save cozy ramen and warm noodle house restaurants for the winter months, since our weather tends to dip hella low here in Toronto, but we couldn't resist visiting the lovely people at Boku Noodle house this past weekend.

What’s Boku Noodle Bar Known For?

You may recognize the name and location - that's because it was previously Boku Sushi, but has recently rebranded. Before the rebranding, Boku would have made our Bodycon list with its higher prices, but with its recent menu changes, it sits in the Skinny Jeans section. Located in the heart of the Distillery District, we decided to see if noodles were all that Boku specialized in. After a big menu tasting, we were pleasantly surprised with the wonderful dishes.

What did we get?

Classic Edamame ($5)

Menu Description: steamed, lightly salted.

Our first choice is a bit of a cop-out since edamame are filler appetizers but we also have a soft spot for the bean. Boku allows you the option of adding garlic to the dish for $1 extra, which puts a fun twist on the classic app.

Wakame Salad ($10.50)

Menu Description: wakame, tosaka seaweed, spring mix, tomato, avocado, corn, creamy soy dressing.

With a combo of both spring mix and seaweed, this salad's Asian twist was refreshing and sweet. This dish along with the edamame make for great starters to split with your partner-in-dine.

Seared Tuna Tataki ($18)

Menu Description: 4 oz albacore tuna, wasabi pea purée, nori emulsion, beet, arugula, confit cherry tomato.

For the next two dishes, we recommend having them arrive at the same time. Although the tuna is coupled with wasabi pea purée, you don't need to worry about this one being too spicy. It's always a gamble when ordering fresh/raw fish in Toronto but there was no risk at Boku. The tuna melted in our mouths and was displayed beautifully.

Beef Udon Stir Fry ($16)

Menu Description: braised beef, thick flour noodle, cherry tomato, broccoli, tokyo negi, shaved egg yolk.

Now for our absolute FAVOURITE dish - the beef udon stir fry. If we could, we would swipe right on this dish, we'd take it for a long walk along the beach, we'd meet its parents, and eventually we'd marry the hell out of it. It was definitely not your average stir fry and presented itself as a pasta dish more than anything. The beef was as tender as a sweet 90s R&B tune and the overall flavour of the dish was extremely rich - this was definitely highly rated by us.

Fun Fact:

Godspeed brewery hand-selects the restaurants that are able to feature their delicious beers. They brew a really interesting Ochame Green Tea beer which we also tried - plot twist, it's not green. (Not included in our final tab).


$49.50 (without tax and tip)

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