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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

St. Louis

Various locations


What’s St. Louis Known For?

Do we really need to tell you? They're the Tim Hortons of chicken wings! Delicious, consistent and readily available, St. Louis Bar and Grill has been the go-to destination for game days for over 25 years. Fun fact - did you know they have the #1 draught beer sales per square foot in Ontario. Who wouldn’t want to watch the Leaf’s while drinking beer, eating wings and hating yourself later for overeating? They’re known for their devilishly good wings - but their amazing daily food and drink deals is what keeps us coming back for more!

What did we get?

10 Piece Boneless Wings ($14.99)

We got boneless and regular bones (to each their own). They were just the right amount of spice and tasted to great with fries and a cold beer (they tasted even better when the Leafs were winning). The crinkle cut fries are def a must-try!

1lbs Regular Wings ($15.99 but HALF price wing Tuesday so $7.99)

The regular wings were so meaty! Nothing we love more than a wing that is full of meat and not just bone. These tasted even better on a Tuesday because wings are half price on Tuesdays - yup, that’s right...C U Next Tuesday ;-)

Fried Pickles ($10.29) & Onion Rings ($10.29)

For whatever reason, we love fried pickles. Something about the saltiness and crunchiness is amazing! If you haven’t tried them yet, St. Louis is the place to try them! We also added an order of onion rings - because why not? They were so crispy and we actually loved dipping them in their signature garlic dill dipping sauce that came with the wings!


$43.56 (without tax & tip)

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