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Mezes and More

Fet Zun

252 Dupont St.


What’s Fet Zun Known For?

We gotta spread the word and tell you about our experience at Fet Zun! Fet Zun serves up Middle Eastern sharing dishes & signature cocktails.. We were a party of two so we may have over ordered - but it was totally worth it. The place has a super cool vibe, relaxed and casual and the food is meant to be shared (so if you’re like Joey from the show Friends, we don’t think you’ll like sharing).

What did we get?

Olives and pickled things ($5), and pita ($1.49)

To start, we ordered some mezes. Mezes are the mediterranian way of saying appetizers. Most of the meze selections are $6.99 each and they don’t come with pitas so we recommend ordering a portion of pita’s for only $1.49. We had the ‘olives and pickled things’.

Charred Broccoli ($14)

We also got the charred broccoli ($14)...which is mind blowing. If broccoli tasted this good as kids, we’d all have had a much easier childhood! The flavours all come together perfectly and the portion size is huge!

Chicken Shawarma ($25)

For our ‘main,’ still keeping in mind it is meant for sharing, we got the chicken shawarma ($25). This portion size was probably big enough for 4 people, but what can we say - we were hungry.


$45.49 (without tax & tip)

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