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Sushi on pizza?

Paper Crane

12975 Keele St.


What’s Paper Crane Known For?

Paper cranes symbolize good fortune and longevity – but that’s not what attracted us to this restaurant. The sushi is extremely fresh – so fresh you can see the chefs making them right in front if you choose to sit at the bar. The restaurant is so warm and cozy, you should always make a reservation because it’s busy all the time!

What did we get?

To start, we ordered the sushi pizza ($11) and the gyoza ($6). We love pizza – but this sushi pizza was something else. It comes with spicy salmon on top and chunks of the most perfectly ripe avocado with cucumber and drizzled with amazing sauces. It’s a great starter dish. The gyoza are stuffed with just the right amount of beef and comes with a great sweet dipping sauce. Both of these dishes are meant for sharing!

Hot Stone Bowl ($13)

We also got the hot stone bowl ($13) – be careful because it really is hot! There are veggies, bulgogi beef, and an egg on top of a bed of rice. They come to the table and mix up the bowl for you so the egg forms the perfect “fried rice” type of texture.

California Tempura Roll ($11)

We ended the meal with sushi of course! The California tempura roll ($11) takes a fried spin on the traditional California roll. The shrimp tempura is battered and fried on-site, and you can really taste the freshness of the rice.


$41.00 (without tax & tip)

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