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Move Over Cookie Monster, We've Got a New Sugar Daddy

Craig's Cookies

If you live in the GTA, chances are you've heard of Craig. No, not your cousin's ex boyfriend, a different Craig, Craig Pike. He’s brought joy to those all over the GTA since 2013. We're talking about our homie who opened Craig's Cookies. In case you're not sure who that is, maybe a photo will trigger some sugary memories:

Recently, Craig got boujee on us and has been doing a stint at Williams-Sonoma at Yorkdale mall. And we are SO proud! But wait, there's more! *Cue dramatic drum roll. Craig has decided to further bless us with an actual shop. Previously, Craig was mainly known for his delivery so this is a huge step!

(Flavours pictured here are: peppermint bark, Terry's chocolate orange, Toblerone, peanut butter cup and toffee)

We want to help Craig get to his goal - he needs $50K and we want to help him get there sooner rather than later. Visit his GoFundMe page today and help our sugar daddy out!

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